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A successful woman is conned into embarking on a life on the run when her greedy husband breaks the law and steals money from an Italian mobster.

Marketing executive Amy Herring has a great life in Manhattan with her husband Kenneth, a hedge fund manager for Henry Paocini. When Kenneth loses the vast majority of Henry’s money, Kenneth convinces Amy to drop everything and run to Belize, where they can hide out and start new lives. When it appears the Italian mob is on their trail, Amy and Kenneth split up, with plans to meet in Mexico three months later to regroup.  During their three month separation, Amy meets Cade, a wealthy, eligible bachelor from Houston who ends up her only lifeline. But who can she really trust?  Stuck in Mexico with no identification or papers to return to the States, Amy must set aside her fear, dig for the truth, and hope for the best.

Christianne Sanchez’s HEDGED is a bit different from the typical thriller. More character than thrill driven, the story centers on Amy’s transformation from loving wife who’ll do anything for her husband to a woman capable of standing on her own two feet and doing what’s right, consequences be damned. That’s not to say HEDGED is geared toward a female audience specifically, just that it’s not focused solely on the action, rather striking a good balance between thrills and character growth. The tension builds slowly at first, making the novel a tad challenging to settle into, but once the story finds its groove, it’s difficult to put down. The action is suspenseful, the twists and turns the story takes anything but formulaic. The climax is wholly unexpected and unsettling, and the tale winds down on a strong note. All of the characters are well-conceived and well-fleshed out, and the focus on a strong, female heroine is a nice change from the “male lead, female sidekick” pairing.

HEDGED is a novel that goes against the grain of conventional thriller fare and still offers a suspenseful, intriguing story.

Reviewed by K.J. Pierce for IndieReader

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